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Horseback riding has become one of the most popular outdoor activities across the United States these days, with thousands of young teens taking up the hobby. It is recommended that someone interested in horseback riding take lessons before just getting up on a horse on their own and trying to ride it. When taking horseback riding lessons, the instructor will teach the student every aspect of the activity, and this includes how to properly attach Western horse saddles to the horse so that the horse is comfortable. A horse that is uncomfortable when fitted with saddles could become angry or ornery when on the horseback riding course, causing them to explode into a fit of rage.

An improperly installed saddle could also put pressure on the gullet of the horse, causing the horse to have breathing problems, which can lead to poor performance on the course or the track. Many horses receive saddle sores from their horse saddles that are attached too tightly to their bodies, which can cause pain for the horse. Poorly fitted saddles can also cause back problems for a horse that include muscle, ligament, and tissue damage. When fitting horses for western saddles, make sure you check for all of the following:

-How the saddle is positioned on the back of the horse
-How the panels contact the horse's back
-If the panels offer good enough support based on their width
-if the gullet is wide enough to completely clear the spine (2 1/2 to 3 inches)
-Placement of the girth of the horse
-Levelness of the seat on the horse
-Stirrup bars positioning
-How the rider fits into the seat on the horse

The steps for fitting your horse with Western saddles include the following:

1. Take Western horse saddles and place them on the back of your horse, on top of a one-inch thick saddle pad.

2. Now you can tighten the cinch of the saddle to make sure it is snug on the horse but still comfortable. If the cinch is too short, do not get rid of saddles. Instead, purchase a longer, replacement cinch to use with Western horse saddles.

3. Have your friend or sibling sit in saddles you are attaching with their feet in the stirrups. While someone is sitting in the saddle, make sure that you can fit three fingers in between the pommel's arch and the horse's withers.

4. The final step is to check out the width of the saddletree, which is the frame, while it is on the horse's body. Compare this item with the shape of the horse's back. If the horse's back is wide, the saddletree should be wide as well. If the horse's back is narrow, the saddletree should be narrow as well.

Western horse saddles need to be fitted properly on a horse or else the horse could struggle with breathing and moving around during a ride.
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Western Horse Saddles

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This article was published on 2010/12/23