Tips to take Care of your Horse

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Horses are wonderful animals and many people enjoy having them as a pet as well as a friend. It is definitely a lot of fun owning a horse but you it is also a lot of work taking care of one. If you plan on having a horse as a pet then you need to know the proper way to keep up with them in order to keep them happy and healthy.

You will first need to make sure that you know where there is a vet clinic near you to take you horse for a yearly check up. There are different sicknesses that a horse can be checked for each year to make sure he is staying healthy. Your horse's teeth also need to be checked and cleaned regularly as well.

Next you always want to make sure that your horse is getting fed enough. Your horse needs a proper and healthy diet; they don't just eat anything! Hay is a must so make sure to keep plenty of it in their stables or where ever they will be grazing. Your horse also needs lots of water to drink so make sure to keep him nice and hydrated. Like people, horses also need to have some good exercising on a regular basis. To keep the horse in shape, healthy, and energized you will need to spend time riding your horse or taking your horse on walks. Riding give them a good work out will keep them looking nice with toned muscles. Spending time period with your horse will keep your horse a lot happier which will cause him to stay healthy.

Like people, horses want to feel comfortable too, so when it is cold outside you want to make sure you keep your horse nice and warm in a stable or a large shelter so that he can stay comfortable. He will still need exercising every now and then but just keep him warm. Horse fleeces and rugs are necessary to have to keep your horse warm when it is cold. When it is warm outside make sure that your horse is getting plenty of shade and water so that they does not get dehydrated; remember that they need lots of water. Horses love to have companions so to keep him from feeling lonely you should either have another horse or like two cats to keep him company.

Whether you need horse bridles or horse saddles you can find a wide range of these products on the internet.

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Tips to take Care of your Horse

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This article was published on 2010/09/27