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May 2011 is National Vaccination Month, the ideal time to restore your horse's protection against the most important infectious diseases. During National Vaccination Month, horse owners qualify for a second dose of tetanus vaccine (with or without flu) free of charge. Please note that the offer does NOT include any third dose of flu vaccine (if required), nor does it cover vet visit fees.

Tetanus is caused by bacteria found in soil and horse droppings, which enter the body through wounds or punctures in the hoof. Horses will develop muscle stiffness resulting in a "rocking-horse" stance and "lock-jaw". Tetanus is usually fatal. Equine Influenza is highly infectious viral disease which affects the respiratory tract and lungs. Widespread throughout the horse population and spread directly horse-to-horse or via contaminated people, tack or feed. Signs include a dry, harsh cough, fever, nasal discharge and lethargy. Following a bout of 'flu, horses need complete rest for at least 6 weeks.

Strangles is highly contagious respiratory disease spread directly from horse to horse or via contaminated people, tack and feed. Horses become depressed, dull, develop a fever and nasal discharge and stop eating. The glands around the throat swell, forming abscesses. In up to ten percent of cases these abscesses spread to other parts of the body (a condition known as 'bastard' strangles) which is nearly always fatal. Vaccination against Equine Strangles is not included as part of National Vaccination Month .Don't delay remember vaccination month in May.

Last year, the UK horse industry was given a reminder of the increasing threat from infectious disease when Equine Infectious Anaemia was diagnosed in three locations in England for the first time since 1976. The first case occurred in Wiltshire in January, followed by cases in Northumberland and Devon in September. It has never been so important to minimise the risk of serious and contagious diseases from entering or spreading across the country. An outbreak of disease could be catastrophic for the equestrian industry as well as threatening the welfare of horses in general.

Some worrying findings from our 2009 Livery Yard Survey suggest that many people are not aware of the risks or what preventative action should be taken, 61% of stables were not cleaned out between occupants, 48% said there were no isolation facilities, 38% said there were no procedures to exclude horses with disease.

To help UK horse owners protect their horses against the ever-present and increasing threat from a number of infectious diseases, we launched a free disease prevention information pack last summer. Keep Your Horse Healthy aims to highlight the need for every horse owner to be aware of diseases such as EIA, Strangles and Flu, and offers simple steps to help protect against their entry and spread. Don't delay vaccinate your horse in May.
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Protect Your Horse With Reduced Cost Vaccination

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This article was published on 2011/03/31