How to Buy a Great Horse

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Buying a horse is not an easy task, as there are so many things to think about. Why are you buying this horse? Is it purely for pleasure or will you show it in competition. There will always be way more horses available than you will have the time to see. An important issue to consider whether the horse is for a child or an adult, the abilities of the rider is also something to consider before purchasing a horse.Below you will find listed some of the necessary points to consider before buying a horse.

First, never buy the first horse you see, it is recommended that you look at least 10 horses before you make your purchase. Don't fall in love with the first horse you see. Give yourself time to shop around and compare. After seeing many horses and you decide the first one you saw is the one you want, it is then okay to go back and buy it.

Second, purchase it locally, you never want to buy a horse that you have never seen. Travel can add to the cost of the horse. It also cuts down on the possibility of some kind of scam. People are usually more honest with local people. Also if you purchase your horse locally you can ask if you can take it home to see how they will work out for you.

Third, if you are serious about a particular horse, order a drug test and x-rays. Drugs can be used to alter the horses personality when they are offered for sale. Also you want the x-rays, so you can see what the skeletal frame of the horse looks like. You want to make sure there are no signs of future lameness. It is also good for a vet to get a full medical history, as well as checking the horses; hooves, teeth and gums, mane and tail. You want to know your future horse is in good health.

Fourth, this may sound dumb, but ride the horse, try them out in the events and style of riding you plan on using them for. Not all horses are for all disciplines. You can't go by looks alone. If you can bring a trainer with you. They will be best suited to let you know if this is the right animal for your needs.

Lastly, as with any purchase buy a horse from someone you trust. Don't fall for looks and make a stupid decision.

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How to: Buy a Horse

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How to Buy a Great Horse

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This article was published on 2010/04/02