Horse Care and Maintenance to Keep a Happy, Healthy Horse

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Owning a horse is a wonderful experience when it comes to riding, shows and many other pleasures associated with horses. There is an aspect of ownership that involves maintenance, which is not always as glamorous as heading out across the countryside for a ride or parading in the horse shows to win a highly recognized prize. Horse care/maintenance is a necessary part of owning a horse and lays the foundation for any equestrian who is well tended to provide the owner with many years of valued service, pleasure riding and many other benefits that are associated with owning a horse.

No matter if the equestrian is a part of a large group or a single owned animal, horse care/maintenance is a must. For example, at any given time a horse injury in stables or horse riding injury can occur. The rider should be prepared to deal with such injury until the horse can be taken to the veterinarian or the doctor can arrive to the location where the injured horse remains. Such a first aid kit for horses should include, at a minimum: three gauze rolls at least 2 inches wide, six sterile pads measuring 4 inches square, assorted size band aids, two triangular bandages, safety pins, first aid book for horses, moleskin for blisters, 2 inch wide first aid tape, personal medications the horse may be taking at the time and butterfly closures.

At home in the stable, your horse needs to be comfortable and kept in a well maintained manner no matter if the equestrian is one who does show jumps or is a work horse for the fields. From barrows, forks and shovels to get stalls cleaned and baled hay out in place to horse toys your equestrian loves to play with on the regular, the manner in which the barn and stalls are kept can make a major difference in the personality and temperament of your horses.

Supplement horse care/maintenance items such as feeder buckets, hay nets and mangers help to keep order and logic to the system established for caring for horses at home. Many of these same tools function to keep a healthy and happy horse on the road as well. A properly organized feed room can be the key to getting every horse off to a good start each and every morning. Field products play an integral role as well and electric fencing drinkers and show jump items can all be a part of proper horse care/maintenance.

You can buy many horse riding accessories online including stable rugs to help care for your horse and get a great deal on a wide range of accessories you'll need.

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Horse Care and Maintenance to Keep a Happy, Healthy Horse

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This article was published on 2010/12/03