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Styles of Horse Barns to Consider Before You Build

Many of us grow up dreaming of the day we will look out our window to see a beautiful barn standing in the midst of rolling green pastures. We imagine the delight of our children as they reach over the stall door to feed a carrot to a round pony. When we reach the point in life that we are ready to build our dream horse barns, it is likely that the options seem confusing and overwhelming. There are a vast number of aspects to consider- each one can make or break the perfect stable.

Each of the various styles of horse barns has its unique set of pros and cons, ranging from ventilation to aesthetics. Cost is also a significant factor, one we likely did not consider when painting the picture of our dream horse barn in our head all those years ago. Some of the most popular options, along with their positives and negatives, are listed below.

Pole Barns

Pole barns are one of the most simplistic styles of horse barns available on the market today. Many pole barns come as a kit that can easily be assembled with the help of a few friends on a Sunday afternoon. A pole barn is assembled by placing precut poles together to create the basic frame of the barn. Some people prefer to leave the side poles exposed, creating more of a cover for their stalls than a fully enclosed space, while others add decorative siding or panels to create a barn worthy of the front page of any equine magazine. Pole barn kits are often the least expensive of the horse barns that come in kit form, and are a great beginner option to consider.

Manufactured Horse Barns

Manufactured horse barns, much like manufactured homes, are mostly constructed in a factory setting. These horse barns are delivered by a large semi-truck in flattened panels that are erected and secured on your property. Manufactured barns often have the same aesthetic as the custom built barns, but must be placed in a perfectly level, concrete covered space to hold up over the years. These types of barns may be an issue in high wind areas, as they are mounted to the ground rather than built into the ground. If you live in favorable conditions, without heavy winds and snow, manufactured horse barns are an appealing option.

Custom Built Horse Barns

Of course, if money is no object, a custom-built horse barn is the way to go. It is easy to get lost spending hours browsing the beautiful stables various builders offer. Custom built barns come in nearly every style, shape and size you can imagine. From single stall barns to major show facilities with indoor arenas attached, there is a custom-built horse barn for your needs. If you choose to go the custom route for your horse barns, always check references of the builders carefully and look for one with proven experience in building horse barns. Ventilation and sanitation should be primary concerns when building a custom barn, and it is easy to get swept away in the appearance only to find you have health concerns later due to poor planning or an inexperienced builder.

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This article was published on 2010/11/25