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If you are an experienced horseback rider, you no doubt have used more than your fair share of uncomfortable saddles over the years. You may have borrowed a saddle or ridden on a friend's horse and used their own saddle for that experience. Maybe you took a few guided trail rides and had to use the equipment available through the stables you rode with. While you cannot often control the equipment you ride with in these situations, you can control your experience with your own horse. You will find that you can get the best fit with Antares saddles.

Why the Fit Matters

You may think that the fit of your saddle matters so much because of your own comfort. The fact is that an uncomfortable saddle that leaves you feeling sore after a ride is a sign that the saddle isn't a good fit for you. With continued use, that discomfort can grow to a usage injury and increased pain. More than that, an ill-fitted saddle can also cause pain and discomfort to your horse, too. So, clearly, you want to get the best fit possible for both you and your horse, and getting a customized fit is part of the Antares saddles experience.

Different Factors to Consider

When you first start looking into what Antares saddles has to offer you, you will find that there are different saddles available to fit different needs. The fact is that you will not use the same saddle for jumping as you would for endurance, cross country, or other riding experiences. This company has carefully designed different styles to include the latest innovations and advances in riding in them, so you do want to pick a saddle designed to meet your own specific riding needs.

Beyond the Style

While you can take a look at the different styles available through Antares saddles, you will want to contact a fitting specialist before you place your order. This company is dedicated to ensuring that you get the best fit possible so that both you and your horse are comfortable throughout your riding experiences. A specialist will meet with you and talk about your needs. Then you can explore the options available taking into account factors like the length and width of the seat, the size of the flaps, and the depth of the seat, too.

Buying Used

You will find that the Antares saddles website does offer both new and used saddles for purchase. Buying used can indeed save you a considerable amount of money, and the website is a great resource available to you that can help you to find quality used equipment. If you do buy used, you will want to consider talking to a specialist before your purchase so that you can search for the right size of saddle for your needs. Buying used does not necessarily mean that you have to give up on important factors like quality, safety, and comfort in order to save a few bucks on your purchase.

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Get the Best Fit With Antares Saddles

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Get the Best Fit With Antares Saddles

This article was published on 2011/12/06