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When enjoying a lovely horse ride with your horse, it is imperative that you are safe with all of the correct equestrian clothing, but it is also important that your horse is safe and comfortable too. There are some items used for the safety of the rider, some for the safety of the horse and a few that are for both the horse and the riders benefit. Whatever the case might be, equestrian equipment plays a major role in ensuring a safe and comfortable ride.

Once you have decided to make your purchase of horse riding equipment, there are many products out there from an extensive selection of companies both online and in your locality. You can access these retailers using any method that you find easier. To make a purchase online, you have to do some research and analyse a number of websites before coming to your final decision.

Before preparing your horse for a ride, you have to take two things into consideration: one being its health; and the other being its comfort level. The first thing that you need to get is all of the equestrian equipment that the horse needs and then it is about fitting the saddle. When riding at a gallop, the horse rider experiences a hard jolt – this can be cushioned with the correct choice of saddle to protect the rider. By purchasing a proper saddle it can also protect the horse from experiencing a direct force when the rider shifts up and down its back.

Among the equestrian equipment, horse rugs are also considered important. Rugs are special pieces of material over the back of the horse and they are used to protect them from extreme weather conditions or insects that could potentially inflict illness. These rugs help the horse to take a deep breath during the race and act as a piece of safety equipment when the horse is in its stable or pasture.

In order to maintain grip, the horse rider can also use thick soled boots that hold tightly for foot support, so as to prevent oneself from losing the grip and falling. It is a must to dress up the horse frequently to enable the animal to perform optimally. Hoof picks act as a grooming piece of equestrian equipment used to clean the horse’s hooves and keep them dirt free – reducing any discomfort it may cause. The rider can purchase hooves stand, which may help during the trimming and grooming of the horse’s hooves.

When both the rider and the horse reach their comfort zone by using equestrian equipment, the rider becomes an activity of enjoyment and relaxation.


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Equestrian Equipment for Horses

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Equestrian Equipment for Horses

This article was published on 2012/05/07