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I personally don't think I know anyone that doesn't just adore horses. There are so many different things that horses do; such as trail rides, rodeo, races, contests and shows. There are very few lives that these magnificent creatures have not touched in a special way. Horse can also be found in TV, movies and literature in such titles as Black Stallion, Seabiscuit, Wildfire and Mr Ed.

There are so many different breeds of horses such as, Arabian, Clydesdale, and Mustang out of the more than 300 breeds that exist today. They have help shape our history anywhere to pulling carts to helping our forces in times of war. Here in Arkansas, I have seen horses most commonly at races, in a rodeo, or on someone's farm where they are also raising other livestock.

Horse figurines are great additions to whatever collection you may have. Setup a display depicting the old west, cowboys and Indians, calvary for a war, or simply a horse drawn carriage for a town setting. Horse figurines are made out of many different materials crystal, glass, wood, porcelain, pewter, metal and plastic. Crystal and glass being the more expensive and fragile where as pewter and plastic are more durable and less expensive than some of the other materials. Some start out collecting horse figurines of a certain material, size or artist.

Horse figurines come in many different sizes from tables to jewelry. Jewelry could be charms already made for jewelry others could be a small figurine that a necklace can be run through a loop in the figurine. Tables, pictures and bookends could make it quite easy to decorate an entire room with horses or an old west theme. With the myriad of choices with all the different sizes and materials could take a bit to find the right figurines for that someone special in your life. You can rest assured the right horse figurine is out there just waiting for you to find it.

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Collectible Horse Figurines

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This article was published on 2010/03/30